My Story

My journey into the health and wellness world started way back in 1999. I was a Women’s Health Practitioner and my first job out of school was in the oncology field. Then I was lucky enough to be recruited by a medical device company to lead a clinical training program.

I loved every minute of it. I was living life in the fast lane. Traveling all around the world to train breast surgeons to perform an early assessment breast cancer procedure. It really was such an incredible opportunity for me, I learned so much and felt so privileged to do work that transformed lives every single day.

The only thing was I thought I could do it all and was burning the candle at both ends. After years of working and jet setting on my days off (10 countries in one year) things started to take their toll! My nutrition was lacking, I had given it a backseat and sacrificed my own well-being in order to keep up with my schedule.

I ended up
burning out.

So, I ended up burning out. Then I had my big wake up call when I  self-diagnosed as “Recovering Type A”. I knew I needed to find a better way to integrate my work-life balance in order to perform at the level I was accustomed to and wanted to support others in doing the same.

So that’s when I followed my intuition and left my corporate America job and dove headfirst into integrative holistic health training. I then went on to complete Harvard’s Mind Body Medicine program and got my 200-hour yoga certification. Since then, I have had the pleasure to attend numerous educational conferences which lead me to begin my dream job, Integrative Nurse Practitioner, at Whole Health New England in Boston. 


I help
high performing women

Things just took off for me from there. I accepted a position at the Institute of Health & Healing as its first Integrative Nurse Practitioner and relocated to San Francisco. Over 11 years I built a sought-after practice for women looking for a reset and wanting to take control of their health.  

I helped high performing women who struggled to maintain focus and energy in their busy lives by:

◌ optimizing their mind & body for healthy pregnancies

◌ rebalancing their bodies in the post-partum period

◌ taking control of their health in anticipation of menopause 

With 15+ years of experience in integrative medicine and functional health, I have gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience in helping women reach their optimal health.

Going virtual has been incredible for my practice and my clients. I’m able to reach women all around the globe. By working with a select number of clients on a 1:1 basis, I get to fully support my clients from the start of their journey right till the end.

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